Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bound to Happen

14 months and 2 weeks in, The Kid got sick for the first time. Oh sure, she'd had the sniffles and such before, but last week was different. On Wednesay morning she was a little out of sorts, and by mid-afternoon her temperature was 105 and she wasn't eating. It was all she could do just to stay awake.

A quick trip to the doc that afternoon in order to rule out anything serious (it wasn't) and then back home to take care of her.

The Kid is usually pretty peppy and active (as you can see in the video below) but on Wednesday evening, she was a blob. A very warm blob, but still more or less inert.

Thursday morning broke but her fever didn't. I stayed home to be with her, and she spent the entire day laying with me on the sofa. She mostly cat-napped (with our actual cat napping next to her) for 20-30 minutes at a time, and spent her awake time just staring into space. She wouldn't eat much, but was drinking enough to keep hydrated. She didn't ever really cry, and only whined occasionally as if to say "I just wish this was over. I really want to play."

Friday morning was much better. She was (almost) back to her old self. She was talking again, and telling us what noises animals make. Ducks say "GACK! GACK! GACK!" in case you didn't know.

On Saturday she was well enough to go and spend the weekend with her grandparents, for which The Wife and I were especially grateful. It gave us the opportunity to do some 4-handed housework and spend some time with friends (and The Kid's Godparents) who had just returned from a 6-week vacation in England, Ireland and Scotland.

She's still catching up on her sleep, but it's over for now. Which is nice...

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Caroline said...

Glad "The Kid" is feeling better. Julianna is almost over her illness too but now Ike has it and I am sure I will be next! She is REALLY good at sharing! :) Tell "The Wife" we hope she enjoyed her birthday.