Monday, December 15, 2008

Early Christmas

We had a bit of an early Christmas at Casa del Jeopardy over the weekend. With family members having commitments all throughout the mid-atlantic region, it became necessary to celebrate the season more than once.

Not that anyone was complaining.

The Wife's brother and his wife came up from thier bucolic paradise outside of Williamsburg so as to share in some festivities and help decorate our humble abode. The tree was trimmed, and the house bedecked with all manner of garland, greenery, and lights. Even our semi-adopted daughter, Midshipman 4/c J, joined in the fun. She took a break from her cell-phone texting and ipod listening long enough to hang an ornament or two. Teenagers will be teenagers, even when their the future leaders of America. Lest you think that this somehow bodes ill for us, let me be clear: we will be in good hands.

Gifts were exchanged, to the delight of all, especially me. I (OK, it was for both of us) got an antique rocking chair that fits like a glove, and is the perfect place to relax in my cardigan next to the fire.

Of course, no one gets more excited than kids. The Kid got something really neat from her Aunt and Uncle this year.

For those of you who didn't know, The Wife is a musician. She has a BA degree in piano, even.

So when Auntie and Uncle arrived with this,

It was like looking into the future. Or maybe the past...


Lilli said...

I still have that dress.

Caroline said...

LOVE IT! Love Audrey's piano... and LOVE the pic of Bethany. She is rockin that dress and hair.... seriously!
and by the way, i have still never heard her play and we had a piano in our house!

MMC said...

Now THAT is one happy little girl. And your wife (or so I presume) has real beauty.

So now we know where your little munchkin gets her good looks from! ;-)