Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Fun

As I noted last week, The Kid's birthday party was on Saturday, and what a day it was. The Wife went with a ladybug theme this year, including ladybug and flower cupcakes.

So the children played in the sandbox.

While the menfolk talked of manly things.

Remember those cupcakes with the bright red frosting? Yeah, that may have been, in retrospect, a dangerous move. Ever seen a toddler eat a cupcake?

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was "the first rule of Toddler Fight Club is you don't talk about Toddler Fight Club."

As for The Kid, I think she really enjoyed spending time with her "boyfriend" from daycare, Johnnie. I dunno. Take a look at this and tell me they're not smitten with each other

Or this one

Methinks it's going to be a rough couple of decades.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics Bubba.