Saturday, April 11, 2009

How much is enough?

For those of you expecting an essay on corporate greed, the merits of executive compensation and bonuses funded by you, the taxpayer, I regret to inform you that this will not be the place.

Hurts my brain to think about such things.

I'm-a gonna talk about fish. The raw kind. You know, sushi.

6 people for dinner. How much to get?

All of it, apparently. For those of you thinking that you might want to go fishing this weekend, we sincerely apologize for eating all of the fish in the Atlantic Ocean.

A good time was had by all. A rousing game of Cranium followed dinner, along with an impromptu discussion of non-Keplarian motion facilitaed by yours truly. That in turn led to a debate on the economic merits and pitfalls of fusion power. Free electricity? Maybe.

Gotta run, the Spinach and Gruyere strata is ready to come out of the oven. Mmmmmm.

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M. Simon said...

Sooner than ITER? Maybe.

Bussard's IEC Fusion Technology (Polywell Fusion) Explained

Why hasn't Polywell Fusion been fully funded by the Obama administration?