Friday, June 12, 2009

I Thought We Were Over This Part...

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Kid (via Baby Monitor): Daddy? Mommy?

Me: Snort. Huh? Wuh?

Kid (via Baby Monitor): I hungry. Need hummus.

Me: [groan]

Kid (audible without monitor): WAAAAAAAAAAA!

Me: [grumble]

I walk (stumble, really) into The Kid's room. She's standing in the crib, tears running down her face. She wasn't feeling well earlier in the evening, and didn't have much in the way of dinner. Truth be told, she doesn't actually want to eat. She wants to be all better, and mommy and daddy can do that, right.

Turns out that as parents we're not endowed with magical powers to heal the sick, as much as we may want to. It also turns out that a good hug and a reassuring rub on the back can work wonders. We rocked in the chair, the two of us, in the dark.

Once I was relatively confident she was back in dreamland, I carefully put her back in the crib, making sure she had her blanket and paci-FIRE*.

I gave her a kiss on the forehead and tucked her in.

As I turn away, I hear a muffled "I love you, Daddy."

Hard to go to get back to sleep after that. In a good way.


lilli said...

It takes a real man to handle the thought of hummus in the middle of the night.

Caroline said...

hummus... gross. cracks me up that she likes it so much. Ike said he had a great time visiting with you guys. wish I could have been there too!

Curtis said...

Lucky bastard!

I miss those nights now that mine is almost 6.