Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This Will Do

For now, anyway.

I decided on Sunday that we needed to get out of the house with The Kid for a little bit and did a little shopping.

Among other things, we bought an infrared video baby monitor. Fascinating stuff. Turns out she doesn't actually go to sleep when we put her to bed. She tosses and turns, talks, walks around in her crib (!), and re-arranges her stuffed animals.

Until she falls asleep about an hour after we put her down, it's the best show on. Bar none.

Speaking of stuffed animals, The Kid is still asking where Prynnie is. I tell her that she's gone and won't be coming back, but she doesn't get it.

So we dropped by a few toy stores to see if we could find a stuffed animal that at least resembled Prynnie.

Lo and behold, we did.

The Kid loves her. Calls her Prynnie and gives her hugs.

Now when she asks, I tell her "She's over there." and point to her new favorite toy.

Makes me happy.

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Caroline said...

so cute. the video monitor has been a big topic of discussion for us lately with the new little one on the way. but i can't decide who's room it should go it, Jules or the new baby? she would be much more entertaining, but i wouldn't have to panic when the baby didn't wake up for a feeding in the middle of the night if i could see that he was infact still breathing! haha what kind did you get? does it hook up to your actual TV or just the little monitor? details please!