Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twice The Fun

Our old neighbors the Stutts family (Ike, Caroline, Julianna, and Mason) came by the other day, while en route to Ike's new duty station in Hawaii.

They came with their 3 month old son, Mason, who is just adorable. Too bad they didn't go with my suggestion. It's hard to believe that The Kid was ever that small.

The Kid got to play with the Stutts' daughter, Julianna, who just turned 3. Seeing them playing together just warmed our hearts. After a few moments of hesitation, the two of them were like best friends again.

First order of business was to re-construct Fort Sandifer (long story) out of the sofa and blankets.

Even using the "Kids and Pets" setting on the camera, it was difficult to get a shot of both frenetic kids smiling. I don't think they stopped moving for more than 3 seconds over the course of the evening.

After setting up and securing the fort, it was time to explore. Of course, you can't go exploring without daddy's special exploring hat.

Happily, the girls had no trouble sharing the hat.

The highlight of the evening was when the big daddy bear came in and attacked their outpost.

You'll probably want to turn the volume up all the way, since the girls are trying to be quiet.

He he he. And yes, I am wearing a cardigan. Mostly because I know how much The Wife and Caroline love it when I dress like an old man.

The Stuttses also got to see their cat, Caffrey, who we're watching until they get back from Hawaii in 3 years. He clearly remembered them, and he put up with the girl's attention for a good while before he decided that there must be a nice quiet spot somewhere else.

We'll see them again this weekend, and then they're off to their new island paradise. I'm thinking that we'll just have to go and visit.

Here are another few shots from the recent past, which I think are kind of neat.

First, here's a shot of me, taken by The Kid. It was hard for her to remember which way to point the lens, so there are quite a few shots of her face taken from a distance of o inches.

Here is the aforementioned cat, enjoying the warm fire.

Here are a few The Kid sleeping in the car.


Lilli said...

I admire a man who can be a bear and include 1-2-3 Decorating in his book list.

Caroline said...

I did my best to get them started on baby #2. I am pretty sure it worked on Bubba, you should have seen him with Mason... Bethany is a little more stubborn. :)

B & B, we had so much fun with you. I am so glad we got to spend time together... wish we had even more. Thanks for babysitting and letting us all take over your house. Love ya!