Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Huge Loss

Been a while, hasn't it? I wish I could come back to blogging for a better reason. Lost a friend yesterday. A whole community lost a friend today.

Carroll LeFon (aka Neptunus Lex) was killed yesterday in a mishap aboard NAS Fallon. He was flying an F-21 Kfir as a contract pilot working with the U.S. Navy.

At first, I couldn't put words to my thoughts about this. The only thing I could come up with was a string of shouted expletives that did not befit a man of such eloquence and dignity. No, that wouldn't do. Not for Lex.

The regulars at his site were a family, albeit one where most of the member had never actually met. Some of them were even regular readers here, back when I was posting more often.

His talent for the written word was boundless, and his intellect razor sharp. He made all of us readers laugh, cry, get mad, and most importantly, think. I had the honor of chatting with him a few times via email, and always promised myself that we'd meet up in person next time he was in town. Next time. Sometimes, there isn't a next time.

His loss may be devastating to the milblogging community, but it is nothing compared to that being felt by his family. If you've ever read what he wrote about them, you'd know that he loved his family more than anything.

Over at his place, the "regulars" are searching for answers and dealing with the loss. Praise and sorrow abound in the comments. Join them, won't you? Read some of his archived posts. Say a prayer for his family. Leave a comment.

When your life has been enriched by someone like Lex, its almost a compulsion to do something meaningful when they're gone. Since he got me into this blogging thing, maybe that's how I can honor his memory. Start blogging again.


Today, I mourn the passing of an officer, gentleman, husband, father, and friend.


MMC said...

Exactly what you said, Jeopardy.

Funny, I keep thinking how he got me (and you too, if I remember right) into blogging and sadly shaking my head. And for Lex's family, the loss will be so huge. Been thinking a lot about his oldest daughter, in particular, and wishing her well.

Hoping you're okay with internet hugs; hey, we do go back a ways!

Marsha said...

Beautifully said...and glad you are back.

Caroline said...

Sorry for your loss. Glad you are back!

Sh1fty said...


Honored to hoist a drink in Lex's honor with you Saturday night.

Can't find you on FB, email me?