Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The 2996 Project

I'm remembering Julian Cooper today, in my own way.

He was a reserve IT in my parent command here in Washington. I don't remember meeting him, butI almost certainly did in the year preceeding 9/11. His family wanted to avoid a lot of publicity regarding his death, and the command honored their wishes. We had a small ceremony and left it at that.

In keeping with that, I'll simply post the official biography and photo from defendamerica.mil.

Julian Theodore Cooper
Julian Cooper, 39, was a senior computer analyst for Litton PRC. He had worked in the U.S. Navy Command Center at the Pentagon for five years. Known to his friends as Coop'a, he graduated from Bladensburg High School and attended the University of Maryland. After college he joined the U.S. Navy, where he served for 13 years. Later he was a Navy reservist. He was a devoted husband, a protective son and a supportive brother. He was always willing to help those around him. He was a patriot. He is survived by his wife, mother, grandmother, one brother and two sisters. We will not forget him.
Fair winds and following seas, shipmate.

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Steeljaw Scribe said...

One of the projects he had taken upon himself to do -- unbidden, and in true PO form (see the requirement - fix the requirement w/o having to be told to do so), was to address the archival record issue that the Command Center had fallen behind on.

The Naval History Center (Washington Navy yard) collects the official ogs, records, etc. of all units in the navy and maintains them in the Operational Archives. Having used it myself for several projects, I can say thre is nothing like going to original source material, like deck logs, to conduct historical research and the folks at the NHC are among the best in the business (and so are the Naval Aviation Archives just up the street from the OA...).

He was justifiably concerned that a fire or something in the OPS center would destroy several years of official records and had gone about identifying, cataloging and boxing up these records and logs.

They were stacked and scheduled for shipment to the NHC on 12 September...unfortunately, like Julian, none survived the events of the 11th...