Saturday, September 8, 2007


4 comments on the first post. And here I thought that no one would notice. Silly me.

I do appreciate it, though. I am by no means finished organizing everything here, so there will be more stuff soon.

So, it's a drill weekend. I won't go so far as to say my recruiter lied to me, but he conveniently forget to mention that 12 day work weeks suck. Before you say it, yeah, I know that you work 7 days a week when deployed. I've done that too. But there's something about doing it at home that makes it different. Next Friday it will be tough to get out of bed that morning.

Don't think that I don't love what I do on these weekends. Most of it, anyway. For those of you who are (or were) active duty, think back to all of the admin crap you have to do in the course of a typical month or year. As reservists, we have 2 days a month to do all the same stuff, as well as our jobs. No one gets a good fitrep or eval for being really good at standing in line at PSD.

This morning, we had our usual Saturday morning all-hands meeting in our small auditorium. The only difference was that all of our enlisted were at rate training, so it was just us Os. Mostly JOs, with one or two LCDRs. For a brief moment there, I felt like I was in the scene in TOP GUN where Maverick looks around to see who the best is.

Good times.

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